New Team Fortress 2 Hacks – xInstantHook v4.0 ©2016


Game Engine:
– Source Engine
Game Version:
– Last one
Release Date:

VIP Forum Access:

download 2

AIMBOT VIP Forum Access. (Free)


Aimbot :
– Auto Aim
– Auto Aim Key
– Aim Position (Head – Body – Body/Head – Head/Body – Full Hit Scan)
– Aim Priority (None – Closest – Near Crosshair – Smart)
– Auto Fire
– Aim Angle (Normal – Smart)
– Non-Sticky Smooth Aim
– Auto Wall
– Silent Aim
– Aim Time
– Bullet Control System (Start aiming after X bullets and/or Stop aiming after X bullets)
– No Recoil (Visual only – Recoil Control System – Full)
– No Spread (Non-shaking – Full)
– Anti Aim
– Anti Anti Aim
– Projectile Prediction ( Tweakable from weapon configs)
– AutoPistol
– Weapons Config ( Different Aimbot config for each weapons)
– AutoStop (Stops the player to increase accuracy)
– AutoCrouch (Ducks the player to increase accuracy)Triggerbot :
– Normal Triggerbot
– NoSpread Triggerbot
– ProSpread Triggerbot
– Burst Mode Triggerbot
– Magnetic-Aim Triggerbot
– HitZone (Head – Body – Head/Body – Everything)
– AutoWall Triggerbot
– Triggerbot Key
– Triggerbot Delay (Delay to start triggering)
– Weapons Config ( Different Triggerbot config for each weapons)

Visual :
– Warning System (Is Visible – Can see you – Aim at You)
– Crosshair (Cross – Dot – Scaled Cross)
– Hit Indicator (Enemy – All)
– Hit Information (Name)
– Chams
– Wallhack

Esp :
– Player ESP (Red Team – Blue Team – Tools)
– Show Team (Ally – Enemy – Custom)
– Player Info (Name – Distance- Health- Weapon)
– Item ESP (Medic – Weapons – Items – Projectiles)
– Item Info (Name – Distance)
– Bounding Box
– HealthBar (Top – Left – Bottom)
– Head ESP (Cross – Dot – Box)
– Visibility Checks
– 3 ESP Icons (Cross – Square – Square Cross)
– 6 ESP Style (Normal – Right – Bottom – Box Normal – Box Right – Box Bottom)

2D Radar:
– Player ESP (Red Team – Blue Team – Tools)
– Show Team (Ally – Enemy – Custom)
– Item ESP (Medic – Weapons – Items – Projectiles)
– Visibility Checks
– Hide Window
– Hide Lines
– Resize
– Max Distance

Misc :
– BunnyHop
– Name Stealer
– FriendList System
– ShitList System

Other :
– 100% configurable Menu (Enable / Disable features with pure ease)
– Console (Cvar – Scripting)
– Bind system
– Multiple Configs (Load – Save)
– Multiple Themes (Load – Save)
– Weapons Config ( Different Aimbot/Triggerbot config for each weapons)


– Support Vac 3.
– Anti-Leak protection.


Click Here To Watch Video Proof!

New Truant 1.12 – External MPGH Exclusive CS:GO Hack

download 2

Update 1.2 Changes


Good luck, Have fun

Get Raccoon Bot With Unlimited Gems/Elixir/Gold Generator

New Release of Raccoon Bot 2016! We are giving it fo “FREE” all u have to do is Download the Bot and enjoy the unlimited resources.



watch-now-300x91Click Watch Now For Videos.

Feature List:
Free users
– Collect Gold/Elixir/Dark collectors
– Building Troops (Any combination + Save your compositions)
– Attacking (Farming mode only)
– Normal Base loot requirements
– ADDED: Dead Base loot requirements (improved detection)
– Attack dead bases only feature
– Deploy King and Queen
– Default Kick timeout – 10 seconds
– ADDED: Statistics tab
– Debug tab
– Removed: Debug Messages from the Log Info (you still can activate it in the Debug tab)
Subscribers only features
– Maximum trophies
– Town Hall distance from border (trophy pushing mode)
– Size of troop waves
– Delay between waves
– End battle early if no resource change
– ADDED: Use Clan Castle troops in combat
– ADDED: Clan donations (Donate to All only at the moment)
– ADDED: Clan Castle request
– ADDED: Boost barracks/dark barracks/King/Queen
– Reduce Bluestacks CPU usage
– ADDED: Save loot screenshots
– ADDED: Upgrade buildings/walls
– Custom Kick timeout
– ADDED: Rearm X-bows/Infernos/Traps
As always, if you encounter any further problems or bugs, please report them!
Thanks for all your support!
Note: You need to execute the RaccoonBot.exe instead of the CoC Bot.exe from now on.
Hope you guys enjoyed this guide and have fun using RaccoonBot!


@@@COD@@@@ – Call of Duty Ghosts Server Tool / God Mode / Force Host / Unlimited Ammo 2014

This works for multiplayer / Private Match / Squad Mode

Download Here!

This site will no guarantee you will not be banned from its use, however, it has been tested extensively with no bans.

So what does this cheat offer

+ Force Host

+ Health assist ( high health and quick replen)

+ Afterdeath mode (this feature will make you immortal but other cheats will see you as dead so deactivate ESP and Aimbots)

+ Unlimited Primary and secondary Ammo (per player)

+ Take Ammo (per player)

+ No clip (per player)

+ Freeze Player (per player)

+ teleport save position (per player)

+ Teleport blue team to saved position

+ Teleport red team to saved position

+ Speed Hack

+ Jump Height Hack

+ Rapid fire (You Only)

+ No Recoil (You Only)

This Cheat is free to members until next update for testing purposes only

Screen shots:

Cracked Minecraft for Windows/OSX/Linux

I bring about the release of another automatically updating client!!!!!



After hitting ok to the first installation dialog box (You can change the directory of the installation later. It seems that the launcher doesn’t function if you change the installation directory in the first dialog box.)

Below is the main screen of the launcher. From here, you can alter the installation directory and the arguments with which minecraft will launch.

Click here to view the original image of 926x526px.

After installing the files, you can log in (with a spoofed name albeit) and you should see some activity from the console.

Click here to view the original image of 920x522px.


Click here to view the original image of 1920x1080px.


If you click on the “Edit Profile” button located on the launcher, you can alter the ways in which your minecraft will launch.

You can have the launcher download the bleeding edge developer snapshot versions of minecraft so you can see what’s currently in development for the game.

You can also set launch arguments so that those of you with those crazy graphics cards and 256×256 texture packs can enjoy more memory.

Virus Scan!

download 2